I can organise local training in a wide range of subjects, especially in the areas of Computing, IT, and Business & Lifestyle Development.

Generally training falls into three broad categories: Practical, Theory and Motivational.

These can be devised to suit your members particular interests and needs, from the basics of getting started, to the more advanced.

As an example:

The Internet (World Wide Web) has now established itself as a legitimate and valuable 'tool' that can be used by anyone, for all kinds of interesting and beneficial purposes.

Be it for Pleasure or Profit...

For Pleasure:

Helping people to keep in-touch with loved-ones in most parts of the globe; tracking down people you've lost touch with; making new friends with common interests; pursuing hobbies; and, ordering goods and services online, etc., are just a few. 

For Profit:

The average home computer is about 50-thousand-times more powerful than the one used to land man on the moon, with an ever increasing array of possibilities that continue to grow year after year.

Combine this with the Internet and literally anything is possible, this truly amazing power is only limited by the users imagination!

No longer is the power to change lives just in the hands of governments and large corporations, but in the hands of everyone who is willing to apply their mind, and take-up the challenge.

Small businesses...

Are using it to grow their business, or even save their business from impending bankruptcy.

Ordinary people...

Are using it to add a second income, or replace a conventional income, often enabling them to work from home, and spend more quality time with their families.

Some 'Ordinary people' have even used it to create very profitable and enviable lifestyles, previously only enjoyed by the idle rich.

And others, to generate amazing incomes for charitable causes.

The facts are out there!

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