This Farfisa Organ has had very, very little use, and is in as new showroom condition.

And it would be a great investment for anyone who wants to play music, or even a great surprise gift.

This Farfisa is ideal for the experienced player...
but comes complete with teaching aids for the novice, helping to make their progress a fast and enjoyable experience.

  • The Farfisa has a two manual keyboard, pedal-board, and expression pedal, with an impressive array of voices and sound.

  • And is equally as ideal for the professional musician, as it is for anyone starting out for the first time to learn how to play good music.

  • As it comes with an impressive selection of great features designed to enable you to produce that professional sound as easily and as practically as possible.

  • This, together with a good selection of music books and training manuals, will give those new to music a head start, enabling them to quickly learn the basics, and start playing good music quickly.

  • The Farfisa has a lovely sound, and looks good too, with a beautiful Walnut finish and roller-top, and is complete with matching music stool. (see photo below)

The features available produce a really stunning sound, and are all too numerous to mention fully here, but I will list the main benefits below.

Everything is straight-forward, and fully explained in the accompanying tutorials...
And the novice could become familiar with all these features, in an hour or so.



  • Microphone.
  • Tape Recorder.


  • For Headphones.
  • External Amplifier.
  • Tape Recorder.

Upper Manual Keyboard:

  • Has 44 keys from F to C.
  • The Register has 6 instrument voices…
  • Flute 16’ + Flute 8’ + Flute 4’
  • Clarinet 8’ + Oboe 8’ and Piccolo 4’

Special Effects Section:

  • Trombone, Trumpet, Baritone Sax, English Horn, Cello and Violin.
  • And... Sustain.

Lower Manual Keyboard:

  • Has the same range as the UMK i.e.: 44 keys from F to C.
  • Plus the following voices – Flute + Clarinet + Reed.

Rotating Volume Control:

  • To adjust for balance between the two keyboard sounds.

Foot Pedal Section:

  • There are 13 keys on the pedalboard, a complete octave C to C.
  • With 4 stops - Pedal 16’ + Pedal 8’ + Bass Guitar + Sustain.
  • Volume control.

The Foot Pedal:

  • Allows you to adjust the sound level (expression) during playing.


  • Allows you to add echo to your performance, to give it that ‘live’ feel of a concert hall, and allowing you to compensate for different room acoustic.


  • Can add a wavering effect to a sound, useful on slow melodies.
  • On/Off + Slow/Fast + Delay.


  • Gives a ‘rotating effect’ to the sound, similar to the ‘Hammond Organ Leslie sound’
  • On/Off + Slow/Fast.


  • Allows you to precisely tune the pitch of the Farfisa to other instruments.

Automatic Partner Unit:

  • Allows you to select from a wide selection of popular rhythms, including.
  • Bossa Nova, Samba, Rumba, Afro, Rock, Disco, Swing, Dixie, March, Tango, Jazz, Waltz, etc.



  • Can add percussion including, Bass Drum, Low Bongo, High Bongo, Snare Drum, Cow Bell, Claves, Short Cymbal, etc.
  • And you can also control the Tempo, Volume and balance.


Alternated Bass:

  • Allows you to form a cord of three or more notes on the first 28 keys of the LMK.

Free Bass:

  • Can create sequences of ascending or descending basses.


  • Allows you to add an automatic accompaniment, by creating rhythm chords from a wide selection of instrument sounds.


  • Memorizes the chords.

I’ll stop here, as I’m sure by now, you will appreciate the quality of this instrument, and know if it appeals to you.

This originally cost me over £1,500-00

But due to personal circumstances, it has had only very, very few hours use.

So it is an absolute give-away at £299-00

Tel: 01889 803 265  -  NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE

See more pictures below....


These Photo's don't do this justice, but they should give you an idea of the quality of this superb instrument ! 

Tel: 01889 803 265  -  NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE -

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