Musical Entertainment:

The UK has an enviable history of great and diverse musical talents.

And in the halcyon days that led to the birth and evolution of popular music...

A diverse range of great live shows, could be experienced 7 nights a weeks, just about anywhere, from your local village hall and local pubs and clubs, to your regional theatres, to vibrant outdoor events.

Holiday resorts around the UK proudly hosted numerous types of music and light entertainment shows, for an ever eager public, which also helped promote both new and established talents. 

So there was plenty of opportunity for new talent to surface, be nurtured and grow.

Sadly... That's not the case today!

Staging a live show today has become a costly and risky affair, so much so, that promoters will no longer take a chance with unknown, or un-established, or older artists.

It's easy to understand why, when the financial costs and risks can be frightening.

However, despite these economic pressures...

There's still a wealth of local talent of all ages, who deserve a platform in which to perform and grow, and...

An audience who would pay to see them, if only they knew that this talent existed, and was available for them to experience.

By definition most are amateur performers, as they do not rely on their talent, to earn them a full time living... with the majority earning little, or no income at all.

The variety and styles of performers available are many, from; folk, country, pop, blues, rock, and those styles in-between that refreshingly defy being pigeonholed.

And the standards, range from those just precariously and nervously stepping out into the lime-light for the first time, to the seasoned 'professional'.

So what's the solution?

If you have an enthusiastic group or body of people, who have the desire to see local live music, then we would be pleased to organise bespoke events, at sensible prices.

We can cater for most occasions from intimate private parties to much larger events.

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