So Where is the Community?

With the homogenisation of our towns and cities, and even our daily lives, there seems less-and-less desire for folk to socialise with one another in their local communities.

So what has happened?
Why don’t folk go out more, and be sociable, and have a good-natured, trouble-free, goodtime, like they used to?

Many of the long standing traditions that once helped to bind communities together, and make them a friendly and great place to live, work, and bring up a family, are starting to disappear, and could all be gone in just a few short years.

It was not that long ago...
that many people of all ages, would actively be involved in all manner of local events, including: amateur dramatics groups, choral, operatic, musical, and poetry groups etc., to name just a few.

Many of which culminated in events being staged each year, which were enthusiastically supported by a large proportion of their local community.

Now although some of these events still go on today, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for these groups to survive, especially when these folk give their-all to stage such events, only to find that trying to get an enthusiastic audience to attend, is often met with such apathy.

Music used to be the great leveller...
and icebreaker, bringing people together from all walks of life.

The 60’s weren’t called the swinging 60’s for nothing, when suddenly the UK was put on the map, as it quickly became known around the world as the international centre of pop music culture.

And the UK has had an enviable history of great and diverse musical talents, ever since.

In those halcyon days...
that led to the birth and evolution of popular music in the UK, a diverse range of great live shows could be experienced 7 nights a weeks, just about anywhere, from your local village hall, church halls, working-men’s clubs, and local pubs and clubs, to your regional theatres, and even vibrant outdoor events.

Holiday resorts around the UK, proudly hosted numerous types of music and light entertainment shows, for an ever-eager public, which also helped promote both new and established talents. 

So there was plenty of opportunity for new talent to surface, be nurtured and grow.

But sadly... that's not the case today!
Staging any live show today has become a costly and risky affair, so much so, that more and more promoters are unwilling to take the chance, especially with unknown, or un-established, or older artists.

And it's easy to understand why, when the financial costs and risks of organising such events can be frightening.

However, despite these economic pressures...
There's still a wealth of local talent of all ages, who deserve a platform in which to perform and grow, and...

An audience who I feel sure would pay to see them, if only they knew that this talent existed, and was available for them to experience right on their doorstep, and at low cost.

By definition most are amateur performers, as they do not rely on their talent to earn them a full time living... with the majority, earning little or no income from their performances.

The variety and styles of performers available are many, from: folk, country, pop, blues, rock, and those styles in-between that refreshingly defy being pigeonholed.

And the standards range from: those just precariously and nervously stepping out into the limelight for the first time, to the Amazing 'professional'.

So what's the solution?
Well… I’d like to get people used to socialising and going out regularly again, and to make more use of the fine buildings, that had been the hub of community life for over fifty years.

And now is the time to act, because day by day, more and more of these buildings are being lost forever, as they get snapped-up for re-development.  Because When They're Gone, They're Gone !

So how do we start?
Well I would like to form a community club: 
Basically, a group of people who are committed to supporting local events. 

So: Just tell me what you'd like to see, and I will organise it !

Urgent Update:
Recently: I was at a great local pub, that has been serving the local community for well over 200 years, and the current landlord’s been staging live music there for over 20 years.

And as usual, there was a great local band booked to play. This band was an old favourite, who have grown up performing in many clubs and pubs in and around this area, plus many regional and national annual events, so they all have great talent, which has taken them many years to perfect.

One young man especially...
is truly amazing, and has been playing the guitar since the tender age of 7 years, and by the age of 13, he was Takamine's Young Acoustic Guitarist of The Year 1997.

This level of talent takes great commitment on a musicians part, and it’s not something you can just ‘buy in a box off the shelf’ take home, and just plug in!   No it takes great dedication!

It’s much later than you think!
So why am I telling you all this?  Well: That pub closed its doors last night for the last time, and neither the audience nor the band knew until they arrived, and were greeted with the shattering news.

The Credit Crunch ?
Whatever the reason, now is the time to take action, and there are many ways to keep costs low and affordable for everyone. 

But if your idea of live music is ‘Pop Ideal’ or ‘The X Factor’ then non of this will probably mean much to you… But if you’re a fan of REAL LIVE MUSIC then please TAKE ACTION NOW… and register your support right away, so we can kick off this year with a Bang.

How To Register Your Support.
Now as the success of this initiative will largely be down to you, and the support and feedback that you give me etc., then we need to keep in contact as quickly & as cheaply as possible.

So please register your support by emailing me at:

We also need your help to spread the word!
So I’m looking for people to spread the word, and help promote this initiative… and this can be done in all manner of ways:

The simplest ways are to...

  1. Tell everyone you come into contact with about this new club, and get them to take action and register their interest too.

  2. Take a few leaflets locally around your area…
    Please let me know if you have some free time, and would like to help in this way.

Other ways include...

  1. Giving this initiative a mention (or even publishing this entire article) in any suitable publication that you may have influence with, including local and regional Magazines and Newspapers.

  2. Or in any suitable publications you receive through your door. Simply send me the details, and I will contact them.

  3. Give a copy of this article to anyone who may be interested:
  • You can print-out this article…
  • Or refer people to this article, here at:
  • Or send them the above link in an email.
  • Or just send us their email address, and we will contact them.

Local Businesses Can Help Too:

  1. Leaflet Printing: We would be very grateful if a local printer 
    could help by donating their services.

  2. Financial Donations: Sponsorship from local businesses would also be greatly appreciated.

  3. Donation of Goods & Services: That we can use as high quality prizes in competitions and raffles.

  4. Do you have a suitable venue?  Then let us know!

So please register your support by emailing me at: